The doctoral cycle is divided into three academic years, each of which develops a training course aimed at obtaining the scientific and methodological skills necessary for the critical training of legal scholars.
Common to each year of the course is the attention to interdisciplinary training, the deepening of the most current issues in the academic debate through dedicated seminars, workshops and conferences and the technical-practical learning of law in action according to the model of clinical education.
The first year of the course is dedicated in part to obtaining basic methodological skills in legal research: the course promotes seminar cycles aimed at enhancing research tools and abilities.
The second year of the course is aimed at consolidating the skills gained during the first year through the development of a personalised training path, within which internationalisation and stays at foreign research institutes and universities are encouraged in accordance with the needs and physionomy of each student’s research project. The aim is to perfect the methodological and scientific profile of the doctoral student, refining the individual research path of each one.
The third year of the course is for the most part reserved to refining the final dissertation.